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Building a Classroom Community

Step 1:

My article was article number three.  This article focused on way to make children feel safe and comfortable in the classroom through a variety of different ways.  Some of these ways being through Identity, Familiarity, Warmth and Beauty, Trust, Predictability, and Family involvement.  This article really focused on how to create a safe and comfortable environment for the children to learn.  This included making the classroom seem more like a home.  The children need to feel connected to their families even when they are away from them.

Step 2: Why and How


– Children will feel more comfortable and safe in the classroom if you provide a nurturing environment to learn.

– Make sure to accept the child’s feelings, a calm acceptance of how they are feeling will help build trust.

– Building a predictable routine will help the children feel more confident and safe.

– Making a point to connect with the child’s family will help them feel safer and more trusting.


– Use soft colors in the classroom to provide a nurturing ‘nest’ for the children.  Create ‘warm spots’ for the children to interact with a friend.

– Contact the parents before hand and put the students pictures up in the classroom to show that the children are already a part of the classroom.

– Use puzzles and games the students had used in other classrooms to build up a sense of comfort

– Be predictable, make a list or take pictures of what comes next during the day so the students can see what comes next or when they can go home.

– Connect with the students parents through email or notes sent home.  This will expand the classroom community and help the students feel safer.



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